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வறுத்த சிவப்பு அரிசி மாவு

வறுத்த சிவப்பு அரிசி மாவு

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Ingredients: Ground 100 % Red Rice

How to Make Premium Red Rice Flour

  • Soak In Water for 1 hour
  • Dry for 1 hour
  • Grind It
  • Roast it 

  Quality is our first priority

1.5kg x12 in a Carton

Health benefits of Red Rice

  • Contains antioxidants to counteract free radicals. Red/brown rice is a great source of iron or manganese. ...
  • Containing Vitamin B6. ...
  • Can Lower High Cholesterol. ...
  • Can Help Prevent Heart Disease. ...
  • Can Lower Blood Glucose. ...
  • It lowers the risk of obesity. ...
  • It helps in fighting asthma. ...
  • It's fortified with powerful antioxidants.